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  • In order to access your books offline, you must download and install our offline reader apps.

    Follow these steps to download and install Digital Canopi's offline reader:

    1. Navigate to  Digital Canopi.
    2. Click the 'Digital Canopi menu item in the left hand side menu'.
    3. Click the menu item which takes you to the offline reader appropriate for your device. That is, 'Windows offline reader' for windows devices, 'Mac offline reader', Etc.
    4. Click the 'Download Dc offline reader' link, this begins the download of a zip folder containing our offline reader.
    5. When this download has finished, extract the contents of the folder you have just downloaded to your desktop.
    6. When the files have been extracted, open the folder on your desktop containing the offline reader, which should be on your desktop if the previous step was followed.
    7. Run the program labeled 'offlineReaderv101.exe'.
    8. Upon opening this program you will be prompted to login, making use of your Digital Canopi credentials.
    9. After logging in, a dashboard displaying all the books you currently own will be displayed.
    10. From this list you may choose to download any books that you own for use in an offline environment.
    11. In order to download the book, simply select the book and click download.
    12. After downloading the desired books, you are now free to read these books without needing an internet connection.


    In order to protect our publishers and authors against infringement of copyright, we do not facilitate the printing or sharing of books bought on our site. 

    In order to read eBooks purchased on Digital Canopi, you will require either a personal computer, laptop, or handheld/mobile device. We offer eBooks in two different formats: Offline (PDF download)  and Online Reader.  Our Online Reader requires no software other than an internet browser. Additionally, for offline access, we will provide you with a link to download the appropriate Reader software, free of charge, when you make a purchase. This is so that the books you have paid for can be accessed without the use of the wi-fi. However, it is important to note, that this process requires internet access for a one-time verification of your purchases.

    If a publisher issues a redeemable code to a user, the user can input the issued code on Digital Canopi, to access a specific title.

    Here are the steps to redeem a code via a publisher issued code:

    1. Login using your user credentials
    2. Navigate to the specific title to be redeemed, either by making use of the search bar at the top of the page or by making use of the categories tab from the left-hand side menu
    3. Once on the book detail page, click the "Use DC Code" button and enter your issued code.
    4. You can now access your book under the "My Books" tab in the left-hand side menu.

    What is the difference between Subscription and Purchase?
    As a registered user on Digital Canopi, you are able to either purchase an eBook, subscribe to an eBook for a determined period of time, or redeem a code, in order to obtain an eBook.
    A purchased eBook gives the user, lifetime access to the eBook once that user maintains an internet connection or is able to authenticate and download all books they have purchased from Digital Canopi to their personal devices. Alternatively, the user may wish to subscribe to an eBook. The duration and price of the subscription option are pre-set by the publisher. The User understands that they will be paying the publisher for access to the content of the eBook for the time specified by the publisher and that after the expired date, the eBook will be removed from the user's account. 

    Subscription vs. Purchase

    Yes, you can subscribe to a book on Digital Canopi. Subscribing to a particular title is simply another way of renting the eBook or eTextbook for
    a stipulated amount of time set forth by the publisher*.  You may choose the option to subscribe to the book when selecting the book for purchase.

    The cost of the book is usually cheaper than an outright purchase of the book.  Once purchased as a subscription, the book will be housed on your
    device for a set amount of days. The content will be removed from your device once the term has expired. 

    *This feature may not be offered by all publishers

    1. Usually cheaper than printed books.
    2. Supported by teachers and students.
    3. Does not exist physically and hence better protected from damages.
    4. Can hold hundreds of eTextbooks.
    5. Positively impacts the environment by lowering printing.
    6. Increases student interactivity and creativity.
    7. Increases portability, that is, books can be accessed from anywhere once the user has a working internet connection.

    eBook - an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.

    eTextbook - also called digital textbooks or online textbooks are simply the digital equivalent of physical texts for a traditional
    face-to-face class or online course.

    Credit card information is processed via STRIPE(www.stripe.com), a third-party payment processor. Stripe is located in the United States of America and is responsible for all online transactions of this nature. STRIPE processing will only allow for VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards. Debit cards such as LYNX are not accepted.
    We are very happy to lend our support. Kindly contact us using the below options. 

    Location : Royards Publishing Company Limited, 7 A Macoya Industrial Estate, Macoya, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies.
    EMail : info@digitalcanopi.com
    Contact Us : 1-868-645-0423

    Once you have sucessfully purchased a book on Digital Canopi, you will receive an invoice in  your email.  You can find all the books bought on Digital Canopi under the ‘My Books’ tab.

    To purchase a book on Digital Canopi, first sign in to www.digitalcanopi.com using your account with your username and password.

    1. Choose the book you would like to purchase and click either subscribe or purchase.
    2. You may opt to place the item in the cart and continue selecting books for a group purchase or immediately purchase the current book by clicking ‘buy now'.
    3. Your shopping cart page will detail all the books you have selected.
    4. Once you are satisfied with your selection/s, click the cart icon in the upper right of your screen.
    5. Click 'view cart'. You can review your order here
    6. Click 'Purchase Order' to process payment of your order. 
    7. You will then prompted to enter your credit card information.
    8. Once you have entered your credit card information and the transaction is successful, your title is available under the ‘My Books’ tab.
    1. To register an account on Digital Canopi, simply click on 'Sign In' on the top right of the homepage, on www.digitalcanopi.com. The sign-in screen will appear.
    2. Click on the green 'Sign up' tab. You will be prompted to enter your name, contact information, country, email, address and password.
    3. You will then recieve a confirmation email once your registration is successful
    4. Click on the "User Sign In" side of the sign in screen and use your credentials to sign in.