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    Of Classics and Surgery I Sing

    Published By: Royards Publishing Company Limited
    Price: US$ 8.00
    This bardic concoction penetrates profoundly into a chunk of the author’s ‘plodyssey’, his early days in Little England when Britannia still waived the rules, his sojourn as a medical under-grad, and then the relentless pursuit of the holy grail of surgery. Armed with a ticket to ride, the author would scoot back to Antillean shores where he combined the craft of Surgery with penning poetry. With the passage of time, he arrives at the accelerated phase of his writing career through a process too complicated to explain. His memoir depicts how he successfully made the incredible transition from classics to surgery or a journey from Harrison College, Barbados to Edinburgh University, Scotland. He has written many amazing books. He worked as a surgeon for a protracted period of time in Trinidad, West Indies. He appears to be so equally at home in writing prose or poetry that one feels constrained to conclude that such a wonderful oeuvre comes through him rather than from him – with the Superpower in action. What he has so lavishly laid out in this book is the abridged verse-version of a more far-reaching memoir.
    Category: Fiction
    Sub Category: Poetry