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    Love without Boundaries - the 49 year Partnership of Subhash and Carol Gupte

    Published By: Carolyn Gupte
    Price: US$ 9.00
    "Love without Boundaries" is a novella which chronicles the romantic adventures of Indian cricket legend, Subhash Gupte and his Trinidad-born wife Carol. In 1953, Gupte was the rising star of the inaugural Indian cricket team to tour the Caribbean. The 92-page story follows a journey through the decades that brings together India and the islands of Trinidad & Tobago through romance and the sport of cricket. The semi-fictional account of their 49 year relationship is based on real and imagined conversations. Readers are given a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse into the private lives of two very public individuals. Although the book is not a cricket biography in the conventional sense of the word, snippets of Gupte's incredible career are interwoven throughout the story. Readers will also learn the reason for his abrupt departure from the international cricket scene at the peak of his career which resulted in the couple's decision to settle in Trinidad and Tobago.
    Category: Non-Fiction
    Sub Category: Sports , Romance

    Carolyn Gupte