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    Lilac Honey

    Published By: KDP
    Price: US$ 8.00

    Lilac Honey is more than a honey-eyed collection of sweetness as it captures a personal essence of an islander that centres around topics on love, unrequited love, self esteem, friendships, heartbreak, climate change and the world around with a sprinkle of wanderlust.

    Readers may find resonance amongst these pages which is broken into two chapters.

    In which chapter one is called 'The Palette and The Canvas' which its chapter break quote states 'Poetically derived from the colours of Lilac' which explains the writer's personal touch.

    And chapter two is called 'The Honey Pot' which focuses on the observing factors of people and the world around in which this chapter breaker quotes states 'Everything isn't sweet as it seems as there is a common place of bittersweet happenings, sweetened continuations and mild neglect.'

    Author: AM . ALI
    Category: Non-Fiction
    Sub Category: Poetry

    AM . ALI